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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2012 10:00am-10:30am PDT

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and get all these great technology kupb conventions we're having, we want the whole world to know about it. we have nothing to hide. so we have a different slogan. along our waterfront, mixed use developments are being planned for seawall lot 337 and pier 70 that will create vibrant neighborhoods and in just 5 years we're going to welcome home golden state warriors here to san francisco. (applause). thanks to the vision of joe lacob and peter guper and pete welch, this derelict pier we've been challenged with for decades, pier 3032, is going to be transformed into an iconic pier between at&t park. in
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working together we are developing area plans that will shape our city and our city's future for years to come, from the transit center district plan, anchored for the new transbay center which will provide space fo
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. >> commissioner. >> here. >> commissioner harrison. >> here. >> commissioner arata. commissioner levitan. commissioner low. >> here. >> commissioner bo nilo has an excused absence and just as a reminder if we could have everyone turn off electronic sounding devices and you will have three minutes to comment on each item today unless otherwise noted by the president. when you do make public comment we ask that you address the item in front of you, and please note
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that you're making public comment to the commission. it is not a back and forth, so the commission at the end of your time may ask questions of staff and that is it. >> thank you. >> okay. so we are item number two which is the president's report. >> thank you. this will be brief, but i understand that at 1018 today somehow -- i know all over the counter ree -- maybe over the world people are ducking, covering and rolling. that applies to earthquake preparedness and it's not clear to me whether we are instructed to do that at 10:18 a.m. but it might be possible. >> i will be under the deck. >> you will? it won't be the first time. never mind. strike that from the public record. >> too late. >> so we will see what happens.
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i'm not quite sure. i of advised to advise everybody of this, so let me also comment that we have our bond -- measure b coming up on the election, and i would like to encourage everybody to not only get out and vote, but get out and get your friends to vote and tell everybody about it. it's enormously important to this program of continuing to improve all the parks in the city. let's see. commissioner low i think you had a couple of items you wanted to comment on. >> thank you mr. president. last month in september i had the pleasure of touring mccarren park which is a great resource to the city and asset to the valley portolla area and the friends of mc claire an park i would like to say thank you for being such a gracious host and
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feeding me cookers and going to the community gardens. i used the lemons and if the stars align and measure b is successful i think there is a great opportunity for the department on a master plan and i encourage the department to look into that when the stars to align for us. the second item i would also like to say yesterday i had the pleasure of attending supervisor kim's office the open space task force. it was a great meeting. staff did a great job giving us overview of the open space that is in district six, the opportunities that might be available. it was a great collaborative and community effort to create ideas how to create more open space in district six and i would like to thank the staff for that and giving the overview and there are good take aways and we will
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encouraged for that area so thank you very much and that's all i have to report. >> thank you commissioner. let's move on to the next item. >> okay. is there any public comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. we're on item three, the general manager's report. >> thank you commissioners. a few announcements and then we have a couple of certificates of appreciation this morning. we will see if i go through 1018 or not. first upcoming events. our mobile recreation unit will be at rosham bow play ground g
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pull it off and we are taking this equipment rather than people coming to us we are travel wg this exciting recreation equipment and moving from play ground week to week so look for that near you so speaking of skate boards and mbx bikes, the detour community day and outside we have a little activity there including a big pile of street and the championships is a festival coming to san francisco today running through sunday. it features skate boarding and
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bmx and fmx competitions and live music and the experience and fans can get the experience and we have some of the best coming to the country in the next four days and get autographs and ride the skate and win prizes and receive give aways. the san francisco recognition parks department saying it's detour community day and join us for athlete appearances and demos and the experience and log on to our website and rec park .org or for more information and we receiving as a result of this from the event host 20 new bmx bikes for our kids as part of the mobile recreation program. scare grove. our annual event is saturday
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october 27th. this was a traditional friday evening event and to make it more family friendly we're starting to saturday and hawse haunted houses and carnival rides and live entertainment and food for sale. preticket sales have been available since monday and can be purchased at the annex and up until october 26th and log on to our website for more information. this is a fantastic event. last year we had over 5,000 people. lots of people, costumes and we used the stage for hey rides and acts and join us on saturday october 27. interesting tickets can only be purchased at the mccarren lodge
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monday through friday and that leads up to the next announcement and monday the mayor and supervisor chiu announced efforts for more accessible information and efficiency. as a result of open data recs and park was proud to launch their mobile application for the iphone. this allows users to search for parks and facilities and browse for events and volunteering and reserving a picnic area and donating more easier. you can research 45 pieces of public art located in golden gate park. we are grateful to our partner in this. they did this as a national demonstration project and used our agency as the model, and further stages of further development of this app will allow people to interface with three one one so they could log
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issues and concerns that they see in our parks and we will eventually enable people to purchase tickets online or using the mobile phone and we are thankful to them for that and you can go to our website and download the app. it's very easy, just one click and we think park users will enjoy it a great deal. so we have two certificates and i am keeping my eye on the clock for the magic 1018. first we have betty trainer and a champion of one of the city parks located in the heart of a challenging neighborhood in district six, boeddeker park. betty is a tireless advocate
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for bo decker and for boeddeker park and organized efforts for clean up days for the community members and brought diverse members together for arts and music in an neighborhood that has the highest concentration of children in the city. betty was recently selected as a finalist for the cox rks heroes award and will receive a $2,500 grant and giving right back to boeddeker park. it's from the parent company of cox enterprises and honors heroes along us that enhance and benefit the outside places. we will celebrate with betty the trust for the land and other officials for grand
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breaking a project at boeddeker park and transform the play ground and park for youth, seniors and other users that live in the tenderloin. betty it's an absolute pleasure to know you and i think you were one of the first people i met on the job four years ago and i want to thank you for your work and it's advocates that truly do a difference in the city and i would like to congratulate you and mr. president if you could join me with the certificate of appreciation. congratulations. [applause] >> i want to thank you very much for this acknowledgment and the commission and i want to say briefly i think this is really a fine example of partnership which i know is a often used
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word in the city now, but it really is a true partnership between the government, the rec and park department and i particularly want to commend the area manager steve, who has been completely supportive of the friends of boeddeker park since he has been our area manager he's attended almost every meeting, and it's just been wonderful to work with him and other members of the staff, the rec staff, and the gardening staff, and also it's a partnership of course with the community. the friends of boeddeker park started out of a nonprofit. that's the other part of the triangle. i was a staff member with the --l now it's called the parks alliance but the neighborhood parks council and that's where i started the friends of boeddeker park and the san francisco parks trust was our fiscal agent so we work with both of those
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nonprofits and of course now they are merged so we had a wonderful relationship with the rec and parks department and the nonprofit and the community, the friends of boeddeker park is very well accepted i think and respected within the tenderloin community. i try to attend some of the meetings there in the neighborhood, and we've had great attendance at our meetings over the years and the community is extremely excited about the new park. we are very involved in the design of the park through the community meetings and we look forward to the groundbreaking but also the new park coming in about 18 months. we will be meeting throughout this time and we want to work on programming for the park so it can be open like the other parks in the city full time but thank you very much. i am sure i will see you again as we continue, and all of you of course are invited. i hope that you can make it on the groundbreaking and november 13th. it's a
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tuesday from one to four. >> thank you and congratulations again. >> so commissioners it is 1818 and i would encourage everyone to visit 72 hours .org home preparedness and it's crucial and make sure your family and loved ones are cared for and you have a disaster plan in case an earthquake happens. it's not if -- it's when in the city. >> what exactly are we supposed to do? >> i think symbolally duck, which i will do. >> do we have to roll? >> you don't have to roll. i will do it. if you pretend there is an earthquake and get under the table to make sure things don't fall on you. >> goodbye. god bless you. >> all right. >> all right. >> this is intended to create awareness about the importance
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of disaster preparedness and consider yourself aware and educated. >> a minor disaster in itself. >> all right. my last certificate -- kim why don't you introduce it and i will present the award. >> good afternoon. i am ken yee and i work for the park and rec department. i am pleased to award the recipient of the quarterly employee program. stacy white is the recipient of the award and on this occasion mr. ginsburg will make the presentation. >> thank you. ken usually makes the quarter employee recognition awards but this is dear to my heart and survival so i thought i would present it and it's for the incredible, wonderful stacy white who works in the general
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manager's office as my executive assistant but she does so much more than that. stacy started as an executive assistant to the gm in 2009 after 22 years in the recreation field. during that time she developed connections with staff at all levels of the department, with landscaping and rec staff, administrative staff, maintenance crew, commissioners and yes the general manager. stacy has a lovely personality and respectfulness is well known and appreciated by the staff who can count on stacy to handle requests with patience, grace and a can do attitude and addresses needs of the public and representatives of other departments using those outstanding attributes. in addition she has assumed the responsibility of the commission liaison for the department which she handled graciously for the
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past three months while margaret was out. her positiveness, grace, and extraordinary customer service skills immove the morale of the department as a whole and for these reasons she deserves the award. we are special will honored to have a dedicated and motivated employee and i want to say stacy i haven't met someone who is positively even keeld and the word is "graceful" and you are graceful with all of the stakeholders and members of the public, and staff and you in what is oftentimes a little bit of an intense and topsy turvy exciting ride. you have been our stability, and you always start the day making sure that we smile, and you make sure that we end the day with a smile, and that is the way it should be. we are the recreation and park department and it is about joy
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and no one exemptifies that joy like you do and i am honored to give you this. [applause] >> stacy i'm going to come down and get in that picture but i want to add on behalf of the commission with the unexpected absence of margaret you stepped in and did a phenomenal job and your skill set is more than just putting up with the general manager and we are very grateful for the job that you did. thank you. [applause] >> i don't want anybody to be
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here too long. first i want to say thank you to my co-worker. it was her nomination that got he here and i want to thank her and thank you to the commissioners for being so understanding the last couple of months. you made the job easy for me and i enjoyed working more closely with you the last few months and it's been 24 years now in the department. >> wow. >> yeah. i think i'm holding up pretty well. again thank you to everyone, all of my colleagues. everyone i worked with in the public. i really appreciate it. >> thank you. [applause] >> all right. and to conclude the general manager's report we have a quick video of last month of parks.
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>> we get the fact there is a new type of recreation in the city and we still love soccer and walking and the parks but we love skate boarding. just a couple of weeks ago on the other side of balboa park and
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[inaudible] and awesome about the park system. we got this and one of the best in the city and best baseball fields in the stea. i know we have the best skate board park in san francisco right here. >> and that concludes the general manager's report. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment on this item?
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>> yeah. >> please come forward. >> good afternoon -- sorry good morning commissioners and general manager. phil ginsburg. disasters, a very appropriate topic to bring up in this recreation and park meeting. disasters call for preparedness. disasters call for some sort of plan because people don't plan to fail. they just fail to plan. but the disaster i'm most concerned about is the disasters that the recreation and park department cause. man-made disasters and what are citizens to do when all of a sudden they
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find their most treasured recreational resources vetoed? that constitutes a disaster. equestrians living in san francisco have been through a political disaster, and i don't see the recreation and park department doing anything about it, or even having a table for them to crawl under. yes, it's pretty bad when the people that are supposed to protect you in a disaster are the ones causing the disaster. isn't that right megan? thank you for your comment -- thank you for your time and i hope you listen to my comments. >> is there anyone else who would like to make public comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed.
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we're on item four, general public comment. at this time members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission and do not appear on the agenda. with respect to agenda items you're opportunity will be afforded when the time is reached. i have two cards. benjamin and kelly watts. >> thank you good afternoon. i have a letter here to submit. can i give that to you? thank you. commissioners i recently had an experience in golden gate park that makes me question my vote on the upcoming parks bond. i voted for the last one and i hope to vote for the next one. i have concerns about the continuing privatization and commercialization of the park. from my personal experience


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